About IceCap Explore

Greenland's most luxurious boat trips

IceCap Explore is a newly started local company, yet our network and employees have many years of experience in arranging tours and tasks for both national and international tour operators, companies, research institutions, public authorities and film and TV crews.

The company's flagship is the comfortable Targa 44 de luxe – Greenland's most luxurious excursion boat with room for 12 people. The passengers sit on airplane-inspired seats, and there is plenty of space both inside and outside

The transport is convenient, comfortable and the boat shoots a maximum of 35 knots.

Key words are exceptional quality and experiences on board the luxury boat Targa 44 de luxe.

We are based in the heart of Ilulissat and coordinate with local partners in Ilulissat and all of North Greenland.

Let us tailor your next stay.

IceCap Explore
Box 1005
3952 Ilulissat


tel: +299 549191

tel: +299 548282


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