Snowmobile trips

  • Snowmobile trips

Cruise in hilly terrain

Snowmobiles provide freedom and mobility throughout the winter.

During the winter until April, a snowmobile tour is a great way to experience the hilly landscape in Ilulissat and the surrounding area. For the locals, it is an indispensable means of transport and work tool. For the country's guests, it is a heady experience.

Hand on the throttle and off we go. In groups or just a few. There are lots of exciting stretches where you cruise over frozen lakes and fjords, up and down hilly terrain. Along for the trip is a guide who knows the area and can show you the most exciting areas and views.

The Northern Lights are an added bonus. All winter and until April you can experience nature's own spectacular light show in a dark night sky. Go for an evening walk, take a break, warm yourself up with a cup of coffee and enjoy the sight of the fluttering blue-green curtain moving swiftly across the sky.