The Magic of the Ice

  • The Magic of the Ice

Ilulissat Icefjord Centre

Ice remembers what people forget.

The thousand-year history of ice is deeply fascinating, and of course an ice fjord center must be located in Ilulissat.

In 2021, the center was completed, uniquely located in the middle of nature with a view of the majestic icebergs. The beautiful building is shaped like a twisted structure that sits like a wingtip in the landscape. The centre's architect, Dorte Mandrup, poetically describes his source of inspiration as a "flight of snow owls across the landscape".

The ice sheet is the main theme, and using art and science, the center interprets, explains and expands our understanding of the world's second largest ice sheet. It is fascinating to gain an insight into how the Inuit culture has adapted to the harsh conditions in close interaction with both ice and nature.

A visit to the center is a reminder that man and nature will always be inextricably linked. And the authentic ice cores from boreholes taken from the ice sheet that tell about culture and climate from today and back to 124,000 years are another wake-up call for everyone about the changes and fragility of the climate, and the risk of total imbalance if we don't react in time.