Terms of Sale

Terms of Sale

Terms & conditions for bookings at IceCap Explore

The conditions below are the basis of the agreement between you as a customer and us as a tour provider. We encourage you to read the conditions before booking your excursions.

IceCap Explore only uses boats approved by the Danish Maritime Authority for passenger sailing and with valid insurance. Likewise, only helicopters are used with all necessary permits from the Norwegian Airport Authority as well as statutory insurance, primarily from Air Greenland.


All prices stated on the booking portal are the actual prices. It is only possible to add the fee charged by the bank for card handling (see overview further down). In Greenland, VAT or other taxes are not added to experiences, overnight stays and travel.

All contracts between the buyer are concluded in Danish or English.


You can book an excursion free of charge at www.IceCapexplore.com.

Reservations are only finally confirmed when the online payment has been completed.

We send confirmations, tickets and any other necessary information by e-mail. You must therefore bring these documents yourself, as documentation for your stay and excursions. Remember to read these documents before departure. They contain important information and good advice about the booked activities.

If the names on your ticket or confirmation do not match your order, please remember to notify us immediately at info@icecapexplore.com .


IceCap Explore reserves the right to cancel events in the following cases: too few registrations, as indicated when booking, bad ice or snow conditions, technique on the boat, bad weather and in cases beyond IceCap Explore's control that make it impossible to carry out properly View. It is the captain or IceCap Explore who decides whether the weather is for implementation or not.

If IceCap Explore cancels an event for one of the above reasons, the full amount of the excursion, as well as any fees paid fully refunded to the customer.

If the customer has purchased several trips with IceCap Explore, and a single excursion's program change affects other excursions in the overall program, we will try to adapt the overall program free of charge so that everything can be reached.

Should excursions be canceled in this connection, we will also refund them if they were ordered through IceCap Explore. IceCap Explore does not assume responsibility for other operators' excursions if program changes affect them.

Shortened trips

Tours can be shortened or changed along the way for various reasons. It could be the weather, snow conditions, ice conditions, etc.

Hiking tours can be changed due to unforeseen fog or other weather that does not allow the full completion of the tour or the planned route. It is only the tour guide who decides this. No compensation or compensation is subsequently provided for changed or shortened hikes.

Boat trips can be changed in route and length depending on weather and ice conditions. Only the ship's captain decides this. Refunds are subsequently made for lost sailing time if this exceeds 25% of the total length of the trip.

If you as a customer wish to cancel or change a booking

We strongly recommend that you buy good sickness cancellation insurance and travel insurance, so that you are covered in the event of illness of you, your fellow travelers or immediate family, and in the event of flight delays.

IceCap Explore does not take responsibility for delays in the journey to Ilulissat in the event of irregularities with the transport companies. Should you be affected by a delay on your way to Ilulissat, which means that you cannot participate in a purchased event, we ask that you contact IceCap Explore as soon as possible. We will try to rebook you for another day in each individual case, but there is no guarantee that this is possible.

Up to 30 days before the excursion, it is possible to cancel booked activities free of charge.

When canceling or changing boat trips, regardless of the time of cancellation, there is a fee of DKK 75 per ticket. The only exceptions are Force Majeure. COVID is not Force Majeure. If you are prevented from traveling due to COVID, it will be a dispute between you and your travel insurance.

Sponsorships, if any, mentioned at the time of ticket purchase are not refundable.

Ticket required

Participation in an event is not possible without a ticket. The ticket is personal and cannot be used by others. Also bring a valid government-issued photo ID.

Minimum number of participants

The individual excursions have a given minimum number of participants. That number is described under the individual excursions. We make exceptions in individual cases, and carry out with a smaller number. Trips can be canceled due to too few participants up to one hour before the trip's departure. Should this happen, we offer an alternative trip. If this is not possible, we will cancel and refund the trip. In addition, claims for compensation cannot be asserted against IceCap Explore.

Levels of difficulty

IceCap Explore requires that you thoroughly read the tour description of the tours you order. Including that the degree of difficulty matches your physical ability.


When booking, you must provide your e-mail address. You yourself are responsible for informing us of any changes to the address.

Right of withdrawal

Up to 30 days before the excursion, it is possible to cancel booked activities free of charge.

When canceling or changing boat trips, regardless of the time of cancellation, there is a fee of DKK 75 per ticket.

If the trip cannot be completed due to weather conditions or the technique of the boat, an alternative departure is sought. If it is not successful, all the money will be refunded.

Liability for damages

IceCap Explore disclaims any responsibility in relation to canceled trips, and compensations in relation to expected experiences. Furthermore, we also disclaim any liability for compensation in relation to delays of excursions which mean that participants lose connection to other onward transport.

IceCap Explore also limits liability for air transport to the sums stipulated in the Aviation Act of 1960 with subsequent amendments. And for sea transport according to the sums laid down in the "Maritime Act" and the Athens Convention relating to shipping.


As some of the events offered by IceCap Explore are primarily for "the active", dangerous situations can arise, either as part of the excursion in question or as a consequence of the trip. Unexpected situations can arise on hikes, boats can capsize, snowmobiles can overturn, etc.

IceCap Explore strives in all situations to exercise the greatest possible caution and to take all relevant safety measures, but it must be emphasized that it is the participant's own responsibility to participate in the organized activities, and the participant thus accepts the risk associated with this . IceCap Explore is therefore not responsible for losses, damages, costs or expenses as a result of participation in the organized excursions. The participant is encouraged to help assess the situation and speak up if he/she feels unsafe.


Any complaints must be made during the trip, so that the unsatisfactory conditions can be improved immediately. Likewise, they must be addressed to IceCap Explore's staff immediately after the end of the activity. If the goal of the complaint cannot be resolved here, a written complaint must be submitted no later than 3 weeks after returning from the trip. All lawsuits against IceCap Explore must be filed at the district court in Ilulissat under Greenlandic law. Complaints can be sent to email info@icecapexplore.com or can be called +299 549191

Price change after ordering

At IceCap Explore we reserve the right, after ordering, to increase the prices if there are changes in purchasing conditions, transport costs (including fuel prices, taxes, duties or charges such as airport, landing or take-off charges), exchange rates or other circumstances that we as the organizer cannot take into account in advance.

Credit card fees

For credit card purchases, the bank charges fees that we add to the price. We charge the fees applicable at any time for the card in question. Per April 2019, the fee list looked like this:

Dankort and Visa Dankort, 2.5 DKK

Danish issued debit card, 1.55% of the order + DKK 0.19

Danish issued Mastercard and Visa, 2.00% of the order + DKK 0.19

Internationally issued debit card, 3.54% of the order + DKK 0.19

Internationally issued Mastercard and Visa, 3.99% of the order + DKK 0.19

Credit card fees are not refunded if the customer chooses to cancel an excursion. If IceCap Explore cancels an excursion, the fee will be refunded.


IceCap Explore has the statutory insurances. But they do not include insurance of the participants' private belongings. Should private property be damaged or lost during the trip, it is at the participant's own expense and risk. We therefore recommend that before leaving your home country you make sure that you have insurance that covers these cases.

Other conditions

We have done our best to avoid typographical errors in our sales material, including advertisements and website, but mistakes can happen. We therefore reserve the right to print errors in these media. All lawsuits against IceCap Explore must be filed at the district court in Ilulissat under Greenlandic law.

Ilulissat on March 1, 2023.