Midnight Sun Sailing

  • Midnight Sun Sailing

Light is Life

Light is life, and north of the Arctic Circle the day is filled with both during the summer months.

We sail out in the midnight sun in the icefjord and the surrounding area. The experience is never the same. The size and shape of the large ice giants are ever changing, and the light varies in changing colors. A fantastic play of colors that goes from white and bluish to yellow, reddish and violet tones depending on the movement of the sun.

We can go on and on about icefjord sailing in the glow of the midnight sun, but words cannot describe it– the trip simply has to be experienced.

In the period from May 20 to July 23, the sun practically does not go below the horizon. However, experiencing the light and sunset at sea is also a spectacular experience later in the summer in August and September.


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